A Warning to Civil Authority and the American Public
by Gary Clark (e-mail: [April 7th, 2002]

Sebastopol is a small American city with a name indicative of its location. It lies some 60 miles north of the Golden Gate, in the once Russian-owned part of California. Sebastopol’s 7,800 population makes it a small city by most standards. It’s little more than a small town compared to Los Angeles, San Francisco or Sacramento. But, despite its size and somewhat out-of-the way location, Sebastopol is rapidly emerging as a “hot zone” in the battle between tyrants and lovers of liberty.

“Morally bankrupt governments are nearly always made up of tyrants and the Sebastopol city government is no exception.”

Perhaps it’s no accident that Sebastopol, with its Russian origins, should emerge as a latter-day battleground in the struggle between freedom loving Americans and neo-socialist tyrants. After all, wasn’t Russia the birthplace of the U.S.S.R., the granddaddy of all tyrannical socialist states?

For proof of the socialist (indeed neo-communist) nature of Sebastopol one need look no further than the makeup of its city government. Three of the five members of the Sebastopol city council are (and were elected as) members of the Green Party. You can’t get much closer to socialist government than the platform of the Green Party, which includes the following, taken right off their web page:

  • Universal Socialist Security - Starting at $26,000/yr for a family of four.
  • Jobs for Everybody - A guaranteed right through public works and community service.
  • Living Wages - Starting at $12.50 per hour and indexed to the cost of living.
  • 30-Hour Work Week - A 6-hour day with no cut in pay for the bottom 80% of the pay scale.
  • Social Dividends - A "second paycheck" so workers get 40 hours pay for 30 hours work.
  • Universal Health Care - Free medical and dental care for all.
  • Free Child Care - Available free for all who need it.
  • Lifelong Public Education - Free, public education from pre-school through graduate.
  • Affordable Housing - Government rental and home ownership assistance and public housing.
If you think you’ve seen all this garbage before, you have. It was that dream of the socialist worker’s utopia we used to hear about in the heyday of Soviet propaganda. If memory serves, the U.S.S.R., which was morally bankrupt from the start, went totally bankrupt about 10 years back. Now we’ ve got that same moral bankruptcy brewing in America – and Sebastopol, California has a city government that’s just about as morally bankrupt as they get.

Morally bankrupt governments are nearly always made up of tyrants and the Sebastopol city government is no exception. Their twisted concept of “social justice” goes well beyond running roughshod over the rights of property and business owners. It extends to the outright elimination of one of the most basic and fundamental of all human rights – the right to defend one’s life, home and property by the best and most practical means, carrying a handgun. To enforce this socialist worker’s notion of “public good” the criminals who run Sebastopol have hired a police chief who is nothing short of a Gestapo-like “goon.” He invents his own with total disregard for the Bill of Rights. His refusal to issue a concealed carry permit to anyone (a fact well documented by Sebastopol attorney Peter Mancus, see This Pig Stinks!) is proof of this. His obscene arrogance and total disregard for the Constitution make the Sebastopol police chief nothing less than a criminal. His crime? Violation of the Constitution – the supreme law of the land.

What should the penalty be for violation of the supreme law of the land? Many in the liberty movement are coming to believe it should be the supreme penalty.

Public officials like the Sebastopol police chief and the socialists in its city government had better listen up. A lot of people are quickly reaching the end of their willingness to tolerate this sort of tyranny. We Americans have a history of dealing with tyrants in ways that can cause them to suddenly take up permanent subterranean residence. There is a vast difference between a “cop killer” and someone who knocks off a tyrant. Few Americans would consider a German Jew who shot a Gestapo or SS officer to be a cop killer. The more “enforcement goons” there are like the Sebastopol police chief, the more Americans are going to wake up and make the obvious comparison. The tyrants and their goons have been warned!

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