The Liberator
Kath Graham

About Kath
      Kathryn A. Graham needs adventure like most of us need to breathe. At a tiny 51 tall, she is a military veteran and holds current aviation licenses as a pilot, an aircraft mechanic, and a ground instructor. She is licensed as owner and manager of her own private investigation and aviation consulting firm in South Texas and has made a number of fugitive arrests. She is also certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a concealed handgun instructor and teaches classes on the legal and ethical uses of force under Texas Law.

      Ms. Graham is the Texas Director for Armed Females of America [see] and is becoming known as a political activist, having written a number of recent articles on firearms, self-defense, the use of force, the Second Amendment and many other subjects, including the now famous 10 Principles of Resistance, available for free download from several locations on the Internet.


  • [January 23rd, 2002] Handguns - A Moral Imperative