Is Religion Dangerous to your Health?
by HarryUSA (e-mail: [March 17th, 2002]

      Folks, I really hate to pop bubbles, [Ok I really like to pop bubbles] but have you ever heard someone describe another person as "god fearing," or as a "very religious" person, and this is supposed to be a "good" thing?

“From my experience, the deeper you get into religion, the deeper you go into a delusional state of mind.”

      Religion is delusional. Think about it. You are waiting through the only life you are ever going to have for your just desserts in heaven with god, the "father almighty." Yet, who is this god, where is heaven? Is heaven a truck stop hooker with a glass eye?

      Some of you think demons can infect the mind, yet there is no proof that demons exist or what a demon actually is. If they don't exist, then what are they really besides myth? Think of all the mythology surrounding religion and yet people believe it as if it actually happened. Take for example, the "fact" that Jesus walked up to a lame man and poked out his eyes and made him blind. What a crock huh? I don't think anyone in a robe and slippers could have been that cruel.

      How about the story of Sodom and Gomorra? Did they really deserve to die? Were they really immoral? Or was Sodom and Gomorra a really fun place to vacation? [Kinda like Jamaica's Hedonism!] Folks, we have yet to hear from the other side of that discussion. Where is the balance in the bible's stories? Where is the video with Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes interviewing Mr. Sodom and Ms. Gomorra? Why can't we get their side of the story?

      If Sodom and Gomorra were alive today, they might be producing adult videos for the internet or running a Starbucks in Las Vegas. Either way they would be making money and having fun. Killing fun has been religions goal since day one. So it is no wonder why the pundits of stupidity wanted to murder and destroy a happening place like Sodom and Gomorra. They simply could not handle the competition. Why choose misery and repentance when you could have a drink in your hand while getting your toes sucked by a naked masseuse?

      From my experience, the deeper you get into religion, the deeper you go into a delusional state of mind. Take Bin Laden for example. Did he really think he could "scare" the USA out of Israel? Or did he think the Arab world would unite and use 9-11 to go ballistic against the USA and Europe? Well if he did, SURPRISE SURPRISE!

      I, for the life of me, could not give my life to a philosophy, that, for thousands of years, has held down women, waged wars, and kept people stupid by burning books and "witches" at the stake. So my thought is, since the world is label crazy, [after all there is a label on just about everything now,] should we have a label on religion to protect the unwary of it's negative effects?

      Warning: Psychologists from all over the planet have found that too much religion on the brain can turn the inside of your head to jelly.

      Or Should the contents of religion be listed as if people were buying a holy hot dog or something?

      Ingredients of this Religion: 60% delusion,....... 30% ritualistic practices like stand, kneel, sit, pray, cross yourself....etc....9% donation.....1% suicidal fanaticism.

     Folks in the end, religion has conned, killed, and brainwashed itself into the position it holds in our world today. Yet, ironically, the people, or shall I say, sheeple, flock to these temples made with "slave labor" and worship a "god" that it presents.

      Funny thing, religion and sheeple.

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