Kenneth Bigley, The Beheading Strategy
by Mark Liberator (e-mail: [Updated October 3rd, 2004]

Since the release of this editorial, a new video of a man claiming to be Kenneth Bigley was made available to the public by the media. Consequently, it is not certain whether or not the beheading video or the second video is a fake. Nevertheless, "[g]ruesome videos of the slayings of the Americans, Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley, have appeared on the Internet, and their decapitated bodies were found in Baghdad" (AP, September 29th, 2004), making the thrust of this editorial still valid and appropriate despite the actual situation of Kenneth Bigley. The article below exists in its original form.

I had the displeasure of viewing the beheading video of Kenneth Bigley by Abu Musab al-Zaqawi. A word of caution must be extended your way. It was the vilest event that I have ever seen. I was filled with complete horror and sadness for him and his family. However, the two emotions were immediately replaced by instant rage.

“These self-proclaimed intellectuals, like Kerry, believe that terrorists will somehow be tempted to change their political views with the use of discussions or sanctions.”

After taking some time to let the event settle, I must say that I will never allow myself to view such material in the future. It was the second beheading that I viewed, the first being Nick Berg. What we should learn from them is that the beheadings indicate the ultimate lows that terrorists will stoop to further their twisted world.

Their archaic world is one that is propelled by fear and violence. They live behind masks and act with great cruelty to further their own personal gain. Consequently, these terrorists have no intention of allowing the Middle East to thrive under democracy.

It is clear that these terrorists would rather their country remain quite literally in the Dark Ages. They may once have gained under Saddam's old regime and now see their world shattered under the probability of a democracy. Until these terrorists are either removed from Iraq or are killed, the country can have no chance for lasting peace.

It is hard to imagine a world filled with fear, uncertainty, and violence. Yet, Iraqis have to contend with such an environment from foreign and domestic terrorists. If other Americans have even the tiniest shred of compassion running through their bones, they will realize that these terrorists must be completely destroyed.

Their videos are being created with the intent that they can persuade coalition forces to change course. Western democracy and the open media enable them to pander to fear or at least misdirection. These terrorists hope that their pathetic acts of slow violence on bound men will have us question our position on Iraq. Quite clearly, they have had an extreme opposite effect on me.

With every miserable act of violence committed by these terrorists, I am reminded how thankful I am that the US has thrusted itself in Iraq under Bush. To sit by idle allowing such horrors in the world to continue unchecked would have been equal to committing the murders, rapes, and other fear tactics by our own hands.

Kerry originally stated that he wanted to go after Saddam. Later he refuted it and claimed that if he was in office, Saddam would still be in power. Such a view of pacifism, not to harp on the waffling, may resonate with some people who call themselves intellectuals, but I would not call them intellectuals. I would instead call them a gaggle of delusional people.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
These self-proclaimed intellectuals, like Kerry, believe that terrorists will somehow be tempted to change their political views with the use of discussions or sanctions. It is flat out ridiculous. Our stance must be quite opposite. These terrorists must be smashed like one would crush an unwanted bug.

We need to be resolute. We need to strike against terrorism and terrorists. The terrorists are a cancer that has gone unchecked for too long. Our democratic mindset demands that we act without prejudice as we pursue the social cancer but it does not mean we need to act without exacting justice. The people of Iraq deserve having these people totally eradicated from their borders. I say make it quick and painless, even though they do not deserve such a courtesy.

Kerry can continue to claim that our involvement in Iraq is not right or somehow unsound. Thankfully, the Bush administration does not seem to take cues from Kerry. It had the fortitude to fight against Saddam, Saddam's regime, and the terrorists that Saddam supported. I will support Bush as he continues the battle.

The people of Iraq deserve a chance for freedom. They need the opportunity to build a democracy and an infrastructure that will support it. Allowing the terrorists to go unchecked severely hampers that process of freedom-building. Therefore, terrorists must be eliminated by our troops and the coalition force as a whole.

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