Pro-Gun Rally in Chicago
Celebrating The Supreme Court Decision
by Mark Liberator (e-mail: [Updated July 19th, 2008]

     The Thompson Center in Chicago was the home for a pro-gun rally on July 11th. Hundreds of people turned out to hear speakers who promoted concealed carry laws for Chicagoans, Illinoisans, and citizens of other locals. The landmark 5-4 Heller ruling by The Supreme Court – re-affirming an individual’s right to own and operate guns – sparked the rally.

     The rally had a number of speakers who delivered persuasive arguments for gun rights.


Valinda Rowe

Dr. Suzanna Hupp

Mike Weisman

Dr. Paula Bratich

Colleen Lawson

Doug Krick

Tony Peraica

Glen Caroline

Sean Horton
     Cisco Cotto moderated the event. He is a WIND radio personality and a pro-gun supporter.

     Valinda Rowe, spokeswoman for, set the stage for the rally. She stated that a new, sweet wind is passing over our nation and Illinois. The Heller Supreme Court ruling, which upholds our constitutional right to gun ownership, is the source of this wind. She called for all Illinois citizens to get their voices heard and get Illinois in line with 48 states that have some sort of right-to-carry law.

     Dr. Suzanna Hupp, a former Texas House Representative, shared her story about her parents being killed before her eyes by a shooter in a Luby’s Restaurant. Due to gun restrictions, she had left her gun in her car that fateful day. Ever since, she has been spreading the word about a right-to-carry law would have probably saved her parents’ lives.

     Mike Weisman, Illinois State Rifle Association, indicated the 1.5 million legal gun-owners in Illinois are tired of being slighted by anti-gun legislation.

     Doug Krick of Pink Pistols informed the rally of his growing organization. His organization helps gays protect themselves from bashing. However, Pink Pistols is not limited to gays.

     Dr. Paula Bratich, co-coordinator of the Second Amendment Sisters, gave a very convincing speech. It focused on the need and ability for women to carry firearms. She said women pharmacists dispense class three drugs and women drivers operate two-ton SUVs on highways. Therefore, women are responsible enough to own, carry, and use guns.

     Colleen Lawson is a lawsuit plaintiff seeking the right to own and operate a handgun in Chicago.

     Tony Peraica, a tireless politician in Cook County, spoke about his pro-gun views. Mr. Peraica reviewed crime stats. To paraphrase him, he said, despite the gun-ban in Chicago, Chicago is well known for crime and death. He claimed to be a grassroots politician who vowed to oppose corruption and taxes in the county.

     Glen Caroline, Grassroots Director of the NRA-Illinois Legislative Action, referred to statements by Daley, Blagojevich, and The Chicago Tribune. He said criminals, not inanimate objects, are responsible for crime. He also said to be careful of 'but' candidates: "I support gun rights, but..." like Senator Obama.

     Sean Horton, owner of, spoke about making informed arguments concerning gun facts. He said statements from pro-gun supporters are backed up by facts, unlike the opposition that is rooted in emotion and misdirection.

     There were a number of attendees who held pro-gun signs. Some of the sign statements included, “Control Crime, Not Guns,” “Fight Crime, Shoot Back,” “Never Ban Guns Again,” and “Rape This [including a picture of an armed woman].”

     Also in attendance was Allan Stevo. He's an Independent running for the 10th Congressional District of Illinois who supports the 2nd amendment as an individual right.

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