Terrorist Solution
'Hell Hath No Furry'
by Paul O'Brien (e-mail: pobrien48@home.com) [October 17th, 2001]

     This editorial can help eliminate terrorism.

     What made the terrorists feel it was moral to commit suicide and murder over 5,000 people at the trade center?

     What made Hitler feel it was moral to murder 6,000,000 Jews? He went to a seminary to be a Catholic priest. He knew the Ten Commandments.

“What produces terrorists? It has to do with utopic feelings, Hell and fundamentalist religious beliefs where every word of the Bible, Koran or other holy book is believed to be absolutely true.”

     What made Magellan feel it was moral for him after going around the Strait of Magellan and meeting and getting supplies from friendly Indians to then kill over 200 of them? He had a priest on board the ship. What made the Pope feel it was moral to order the murder of over 100,000 during the 30-year war. The general who had captured a town said he was having problems. The Pope had ordered him to kill all the Protestants but everyone was saying they were Catholic. The Pope sent back a message to kill everyone. God would know who was of Catholic faith and send them to heaven and those Protestants to Hell.

     What makes the KKK so violent and able to feel it is moral to torture, murder and commit other acts of terror against Catholics, Jews and Blacks? Why didn't the commandment Thou Shall Not Kill stop these mean cruel, very religious people form killing? They all knew this commandment by heart.

     What is the real foundation of terrorism? What produces terrorists? It has to do with utopic feelings, Hell and fundamentalist religious beliefs where every word of the Bible, Koran or other holy book is believed to be absolutely true. Unless we consider attacking these beliefs, we will continue to have terrorists and lots of horrid immorality against innocent, hard working, moral, kind, caring people.

     Lets start with Hell. Dr. Albert Ellis was head of the American Psychological Association for many years, wrote a book that sold over a million copies. He tells us, "If you believe good, kind, moral, just, loving people, are going to be tortured in Hell, forever, for not believing in Jesus, than you are a masochist, a schizophrenic and very religious. You've lost your sense of what is rational, moral, logical and just. You need psychiatric help." He developed Rational Emotive Therapy to help people get over being mentally sick from their religious beliefs.

     To be able to be a terrorist -- whether it is the Pope, Magellan, a KKK member, Hitler, or Osama Bin Ladin's men -- you must look at those who don't have your religious beliefs as sub-human and who ought to be killed. You have to believe in Hell as a real place with hurting, pain, flame and everlasting torture. You must believe your God or Allah (what ever your god is called) so hates those who do not believe in him, that he would send them to be tortured forever. You must believe the world would be a wonderful utopia if only everyone believed in your god or Allah. You must believe if everyone believes as you do, god or Allah would be so very happy that he would make this a fantastic wonderful world.

     Dr. Albert Ellis said literal belief in Hell makes a person a masochist, a schizophrenic. He should have added a terrorist or a potential terrorist. Possibly the only way to reduce the number of terrorists is to put out the flames of Hell through every form of propaganda possible.

     Billy Graham and the Pope have now told us that Hell isn't a flaming, hurting place. It is like heaven only you don't get to see Jesus and yet you know he exists. They say parts of the Bible are figurative and Hell is not a burning and hurtful place.

     If Jesus or Allah sends people to be tortured forever they are infinitely immoral, monster gods or Allah that no one should believe in. We must teach that Hell hath no furry.

     We must demand that this article must be post next to every Ten Commandments. We must do everything possible to get this message to Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Catholics, Protestants and members of all religious backgrounds all over the world. To raise truly moral children you need to teach them to think for themselves and determine what is really moral based on evidence. Possibly one of the best ways is to talk to them about Hell. Show them that Hell is part of the Christian Bible and that disbelief in Hell is grossly immoral. Tell our children if you want to know what is truly moral you have to rely on your own mind.

     We're responsible for determining what is moral in this world. Most Americans don't believe in a burning Hell, says US News in an article "Hell Hath No Fury".

     John Lennon wrote a song in which he dreamed of a world with no religion in it. No god to kill for. No religion to die for. More time to help others. Less time to spend in prayer. No hating others because they don't believe in the right god or the right Hell. No one killing for religious reasons.

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