Islam, the Barbaric Religion
by Francois Tremblay (e-mail: [September 28th, 2002]

After it was determined that 9-11 was caused by Islamic terrorists, we were assured that they were fanatics. George Bush told us that Islam is a religion of peace. Islamics in our regions have called in to say how scandalized they were at the terrorists' actions, and how Islam is a great and wonderful religion. We are not supposed to say anything bad about Islam.

“There is no such thing as separation of the church and state, or between the state and morality, in Islam. The church IS the state IS morality.”

Since I'm about as Politically Correct as a Promise Keepers convention, I don't care. I don't listen to anyone except my own morality. If I'm the only one who's going to tell the truth about Islam, so be it.

The truth is that Islam is not a religion of peace. It was founded, built and maintained on the basis of open warfare - against other Muslims and against Christians. Its "prophet" Mohammed, a rich trader turned savage warrior, shed the blood of fellow Muslims who refused to follow his new religion. He and his savages conquered proud cultures such as Persia and Egypt and reduced them to slaves of Allah.

Mohammed first became magistrate of Medina (in 622 CE), where he and the followers of his new religion looted their countrymen and amassed a great fortune. In 10 years, his gang conquered the entire Arabian peninsula, and Mohammed died. The Quran is the story of his conquests - how Mohammed came to kill a great number of his fellows. In the next century, Islam conquered the land from North Africa to Spain, not to mention all that is called the Middle East.

It would have conquered Europe and plunged the world in a perpetual Dark Age, if it had not been for the Battle of Tours (732 CE). By the years 1000 CE, Islam once again threatened Europe, and forced all of Christendom to unite in what is now called the Crusades, a series of wars and jihads which would last 450 years. Finally the war machine of Islam was exhausted by the Crusades.

Mohammed was the analogy of a Hitler or a Mussolini, in the sense that he used nationalist pride to establish the tyrannical reign of his religion. By declaring Islam the only true religion, and all infidels as enemies of Islam, this unity became a force of war. And as the Quran says, he is the model for all Islamic believers : "Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for any one whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who engages much in the Praise of Allah." Quran 033.021

That is the history and model of the "religion of peace".

Are the teachings of the Quran and the sharia propitious to human rights ? In the Quran, as in most religions, rights belong first and foremost to Allah, since he owns everything : "But to Allah belong all things in the heavens and on earth: And He it is that Encompasseth all things." Quran 004.126

And man's role is to worship him. "I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me." Quran 051.056. Allah has already chosen man's religion, it must be Islam : "This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion." Quran 005.003

The Quran states clearly that the right of the believer is to kill, in exchange of which he will go to Paradise : "Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur'an" Quran 009.111

This is the basis of the "religion of peace".

While in economical terms Islam does not exert direct control, in social terms it makes the Nazis look like angels. The politics of Islam is superpowered fascism.

Islam does not acknowledge the equality of all humans. There are three types of people : men, women and infidels.

Women are worth half a Muslim man. As proof, the Quran states that a woman may only receive half the inheritance due to a man, and her testimony in court is worth that of half a man. She may not hold most jobs, even in "liberal" Islamic countries. In Iran, the worth of a man's life is equal to the market value of 100 camels or 200 cows and that of a woman is equal to half of the man's, 50 camels or 100 cows. Women cannot vote.

Non-Muslims are worth nothing. A Muslim man may commit any crime against a non-Muslim with impunity, even murder.

Here are some of the verses that deal with these questions :

"Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds, beat them; but if they return to obedience, seek not against them Means: For Allah is Most High, great." Quran 004.034

"And say to the believing women that they should (...) not display their beauty and ornaments except what appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband's fathers, their sons, their husbands' sons, their brothers or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or the slaves whom their right hands possess, or male servants free of physical needs, or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex" Quran 024.031 (this verse is typically used to justify the ignominious enforcement of the hijab)

"Let his guardian dictate faithfully, and get two witnesses, out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women" Quran 002.282

"Allah directs you as regards your Children's [inheritance]: to the male, a portion equal to that of two females: if only daughters, two or more, their share is two-thirds of the inheritance; if only one, her share is a half." Quran 004.011

Believers in Allah are the best people in the world : "Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah." Quran 003.110

"If anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him;" Quran 003.085

"O ye who believe! take not for protectors your fathers and your brothers if they love infidelity above Faith: if any of you do so, they do wrong." Quran 009.023

"Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued." Quran 009.029 (Jizya : tribute)

"The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;" Quran 005.033

"They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing : But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah. But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and take no friends or helpers from their ranks;" Quran 004.089

There is no such thing as separation of the church and state, or between the state and morality, in Islam. The church IS the state IS morality.

This is the politics of the "religion of peace".

Islamic law - the Sharia (also spelled Shari'ah) - is based on the prevention of heresy and crime by killing independent thought. Here are a number of barbaric practices enforced by Islamic law, apart from those already discussed in the Quran verses above :

  • Adulterous couples are stoned to death, prostitutes are hanged in public, and women in the company of men who are not blood relatives are executed.
  • Rape victims are punished.
  • "Zina laws" prohibit adultery, prostitution, and rape. Punishment is execution or amputation of the hands. This is done to the victims as well.
  • Women cannot vote or get elected.
  • Husbands can beat up their wives at their heart's content.
  • Women cannot do anything outside of the house without the father or husband's consent.
  • Women cannot get custody of their children.
  • Women are banned from a number of fields of education.
  • Women must wear the hijab when outside of the house.
  • In more extremist countries like Iran, a woman arrested for wearing make-up is forced to clean up with cotton balls rolled in broken glass.
  • In Pakistan, insulting Mohammed is punished by death (Contempt of Prophet's Act)
Four countries add up to 90% of all executions in the world. Two of them are big and stupid (China, United States), and two of them are Islamic (Iran, Saudi Arabia). From 1981 to 1990, 9 girls under 13 were executed in Iran, the youngest being 10 years old (NOW).

It is my opinion that there is no religion more despicable, and which must be more opposed, than this "religion of peace". Its violent doctrines have destroyed the hopes of an entire region, and almost took over the world. Islamic traditions, like all other religious oppressions, must be rejected by any sane society.

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