Three Paths to Fantastic Fortune
Insightful Ways To Achieve Success
by The Liber8r

One way to get rich is to invest in stocks.
In order to get rich quick, stocks that are new to the market are strong candidates. Get lucky and pick modern day Apple or Wal-mart stocks and soon great fortune will be attained.

The only downfall is that no one really knows which stocks will become over night success stories. If professionals know, they are not spreading the news.

The other option is to pick highly volatile stocks. They are known to come with high to moderate risk. The trade off is that these risky stocks can yield gains in a short time-frame. See a broker, but ask about the beta index.

The state lottery is always another option for speedy success.
We have calculated the probability of winning and for those of you who have no idea how low it really is, let us compare the lotto to other forms of gambling.

The chances of flipping a coin and guessing the face is 1 out of 2 or 50%. If eight horses run in a race and a horse is randomly chosen, the chance that the horse will win are 1 out of 8 or 12.5%.

Those who play poker will understand how difficult is to be dealt a four of a kind without drawing cards, 1 in 4,165 or about 2 tenths of a percent. Being dealt a royal flush without drawing cards comes to 1 in 649,740 or about 2 ten-thousandths of a percent. [See John Crawfordís How to be a Consistent Winner in the Most Popular Card Games for the poker statistics.] The chances of winning the lotto comes to 1 in 674,274,182,400 which is about 15 hundred billionths of a percent.

That is why many intellectuals regard the lotto as a voluntary tax. The dream of becoming rich becomes central to this game. The dollar seems to be a worthwhile "investment." In actuality, the chance of winning is so dismally low that the dollar is practically lost, like money spent on taxes. At least a return is seen on taxes, or is it?

There is another method to achieve greatness. It may also be the most overlooked. Instead of searching for external forms of success, do what is done in the east and search inward.
Developing inner strength and discipline can lead to the highest plateaus imaginable. With these enhanced senses, tranquillity and a universal wisdom become tangible. Letís make sure not to leave out self-confidence. Do these things seem farfetched in obtaining greatness?

Achievers agree with these things. Albert Einstein once said that his success could be attributed to 99% hard work and 1% insight. Rush Limbaugh, a huge radio personality, spoke with a man who was angry with society for not being able to land a job after eight or so interviews. Limbaugh skillfully asked him why he hadnít applied for the ninth, tenth, and eleventh interviews elsewhere.

Before you wrongly equate Einstein with Limbaugh, realize they began their paths to success from within themselves. The ability to project knowledge, tact, and skill comes from confidence and a strong work ethic. Having it allows one to learn difficult skills. It enables one to decipher and even produce quality information. Tact is the ability to operate under stress which also springs forth from confidence. So success turns out to be a character issue.

Since character can be developed within us all, we would like to provide a way of using it so that greatness can be achieved. All that has to be done is to keep a record of ideas that flow into consciousness. Store them and keep them handy at all times.

Look back at the record from time to time. Reflect on hopes, dreams, and ideas. Strive to accomplish the tasks desired. Produce work based on unique ideas and newly found talents. Make sure that the environment is, at first, open and accepting in order to build confidence levels even higher. Eventually these actions will land opportunities; we mean in the most general of senses.

It couldnít possibly hurt to do these things. These actions will be pleasant experiences because they come from within and are a piece of ones being. Creating from oneself is one of the most satisfying and beautiful experiences, much like the way a mother admires her progeny.

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