The Top Ten Reasons Why Not To Follow Organized Religions
by The Liber8r

  1. All religious books -- including The Bible -- were written by humans.
  2. They intentionally stifle thought and creativity.
  3. Every religious doctrine is used as a tool to manipulate behavior.
  4. The customs that surround organized religions have little meaning to those who practice them.
  5. They discourage followers not to draw upon knowledge based on many books, philosophies, and personal experiences.
  6. Religious manuals contain allegories that are taught to be actual events in history.
  7. The practitioners of organized religions, quite often, are unfamiliar with other religions which denies a deep world view.
  8. Many of the interpretations religious manuals undergo make little sense.
  9. Many deaths can be credited to organized religions.
  10. They serve as shields for certifiable idiots, sociopaths and charlatans to hide behind.

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