The Ultimate Question
by Arun Shankar (e-mail

The search is pretty much over I guess. Since I have found the answer to the question, "What is the point of life?" you might as well call off your search party. The answer is simple, really. The whole purpose of life is to keep pondering over the purpose of life.

Now comes the problem. Now that we know the ultimate answer, what next? I mean, what is supposed to happen next? How does this new found knowledge change our lives? As far as I am concerned, my life hasn't changed a bit.

Another question is, was it worth it? Was it worth spending so much time and energy over this answer? It is not only me. Imagine all those poor sods like Kant, Spinoza, and the likes who have gone insane trying to find the purpose of life. So many great minds have been wasted. They might as well have gone about trying to get themselves a life. At this point I must hasten to add that I am deliberately trying to say that I am in every conceivable manner better than all the others, all the so called "great philosophers." I guess I can afford to take the liberty.

Now that I am done with the serious part, lets consider this issue on a lighter note. What is the point of trying to find out if God exists or not? How will paying bills become easier if it is known once and for all, the true purpose of life? Would the one legged blind man down the street get his first meal of the week if it is proved beyond any doubt that there is no such thing as free will?


Why bother at all?

And it seems to me, that after all, this is the true question of life. Not the one I had mentioned earlier (the purpose of life is to keep pondering over the question). Yes, "why bother at all?" is the ultimate question.

And you know what? This enlightenment hasn't changed my life one bit.

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