XXX Films and Rape
by HarryUSA

SOME men have been committing violent crimes for thousands of years. Rape, like armed robbery, is a case where a person wants something, and takes it without consideration for the victims' feelings. Some Feminists claim that XXX rated films cause men to rape. If this was true, then why were women being raped in old Rome thousands of years ago? Did the Romans have VCR's? Did the XXX industry exist back then? Why is it that millions of men watch XXX films and commit no violent crime?

How can erotic films and bikini clad women in Sports Illustrated be responsible for men raping women? XXX Rated films are a blip in the grand scheme of things. What caused men to rape two hundred years ago? The motivation has not changed. A violent crime is still a violent crime. The time period is irrelevant. Some people simply have no regard for the feelings of others no matter what materials they read.

RADICAL FEMINISTS feel that XXX rated films bring out violent urges in men. Do they really? In fact, since 1975, I have viewed a wide range of erotic materials from paintings of fat women in the middle ages, to the latest XXX films and I have managed to live a peaceful non-violent life as most people do. So how can I and millions of others who view erotic materials manage to live a non-violent life? Could it be because non-violent people believe that unprovoked violence is wrong? Could it be that most people have respect for other people and their feelings?

People with violent urges are dangerous no matter what they watch on TV. History has shown us many people with violent urges. Jack the Ripper was one individual. He, and others like John Gacy, and Ted Bundy, are a danger to society no matter what kind of films are circulating at the local store. Some serial rapists and killers show violent urges at a very young age. Jeffery Dahmer, a serial killer from Wisconsin, used to enjoy cutting up small animals when he was a boy long before he could rent an x-rated film.

SOME people are careless idiots who victimize others for their own pleasure. The XXX industry primarily depicts the non-violent sex habits that millions of people practice or fantasize about. How can these non-violent films promote violent crime? This is a claim that sex-hating-feminists have yet to prove. I am still waiting for men convicted of violent crime to be polled in great numbers about why they committed their crimes. I doubt they will say, "Playboy -- or the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated -- made me do it."

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