The Liberator
Tom Pagels

About Tom
     Tom is a longterm, local government employee in Florida: mainly law enforcement. He was born with the ability to draw and has never received formal art training. Tom hopes that he can restore common sense by providing his inspirational cartoons to a fragmented society comprised of 'out of touch' people.

  • [October 22nd, 2000] TV and Violence: See the connection between the two.
  • [October 1st, 2000] The FBI: Our national law enforcement agency take a new hit from the Wen Ho Lee incident.
  • [October 1st, 2000] Employment Figures: Creatively calculating employment figures.
  • [September 22nd, 2000] Convention 2000: Attacking promises made by politicians during campaigns.
  • [September 22nd, 2000] Dirty Politics: Exposing subliminal messages.
  • [September 22nd, 2000] Homeless: Looking at the under-represented sector of society.