Entering the Priesthood
contributed by Dave [cygnus@mcs.net]

A man walks into a church and tells a priest that he wants to join his religion.

The priest says, "Okay, but there is one rule you have to follow; you cannot get an erection during the testing period." The man agrees.

The priest strips the man of his clothing, ties a bell around his penis and puts him in a room with nine other men who are also trying to join. The priest sends a naked woman across the room and all the bells are quiet, save for the man's.

The man begs for another chance, which finally is granted. The woman walks by and the man's bell rings again. The priest says to the man, "Pick up your stuff and go. You are unfit for this religion."

As the man bends down to pick up his clothes, all the other nine bells start ringing.

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