The Liberator
Updated January 15th, 2005
Awards Program

Our crack staff of volunteer iconoclasts feel that web sites should be rewarded. They are hungry for sites that possess the following characteristics:
  • Originality
  • Navigability
  • Well-Written Essays
  • Comprehensive Reflections on Current Events
  • Thought-Provoking Pieces
  • Sites Promoting Civil Rights and Freedoms
  • Creative Humor
  • Attractive Layout

If you know of a site that is due special recognition because it possesses many of the above characteristics, send us the web address and a description of the site by clicking here.

Award Winners

Web SitesAwarded Stars
Christ's Love5 Stars
Prince Mu-Chao's Castle of Chaos5 Stars
Mindkites: Perceptions on the Fringe5 Stars
Spark-Online5 Stars
The Irascible Professor4 Stars
Andrew Kariger: The Minister of Complex Music3 Stars
Born Again Fundamentalism - Hope or Hoax?3 Stars
Ulmer & Associates: Team Building3 Stars

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