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Tuesday, April 27th, 1999
One week after the tragedy in Littleton, Colorado and certain activists are still seizing on this event as an opportunity to further their political agendas:

  • Gun control activists are calling for more gun laws, yet the present laws are not being enforced.
  • Lawyers are chasing after videogame companies claiming that these games make teenagers into lethal killers. They must have studied ambulance chasers to obtain these tactics.
  • The film industry is under fire for producing controversial films. There are people who want to censor the films. I guess these people are ignorant of the film rating system.
  • School districts are being hounded into taking action against violence. Might discipline in schools be laxed and allow for students to poke fun out of other students?
  • Religious leaders are spinning one girl's death into an act of martyrdom. When asked if she believed in God and said 'yes,' she was shot. Do these leaders really think there was a right answer to that question?
Without any doubt, parents need to stay involved in their childrens' lives and personal responsibility needs to be metophorically pounded into their heads. Whether by religion or using the rationale of a peaceful society, we all need to realize what's at stake here.

Tuesday, April 13th, 1999
Americans are frequently polled concerning foriegn affairs. War is our least favorite choice, given a list of options, when confronting hostile forces.

You can come to your own conclusion on the Kosovo issue -- whether or not American military action is appropriate and/or in the correct proportion. We at The Liberator will do our best to not point you in any particular direction. Our spotlight will remain focused on The White House.

Why The White House? The White House does enough helping us decide what's right.

Even though public opinion is set against war, they lead us to it and have us embracing it, slowly. They get us involved in small stages, knowing that full force attacks in the beginning would cause unrest at home. They realize we can be made to accept military action when done so in gradual increments [similar to our loss of freedoms today -- see Freedom Requires Eternal Vigilance: Fighting Off Incremental Losses].

It's amazing how we are sent, kicking and screaming, to war and made to like it every time.

Monday, February 15th, 1999
Ladies and gentlemen: With great pleasure, we at The Liberator would like to inform you of our accuracy concerning the Clinton Scandal. If you would so kindly scroll down to September 16th, 1998 below, no more needs to be explained. Thank you very much for recognizing the fact that The Liberator is in tune with the pulse of Americans everywhere.

Although The Liberator's prediction was not exactly correct, it was disturbingly accurate. Does anyone want to hire us out as psychics?

Wednesday, December 16th, 1998
"At the direction of the president, United States military forces have launched a substantial military strike against Iraq," White House spokesman Joe Lockhart told reporters. This decision was based on Iraq's ongoing dilemma surrounding inspection efforts.

Of course, if Iraq's government is not cooperating with U.N. inspectors then some type of action certainly does need to be taken. However, the decision to take action now, as Impeachment Hearings reach a critical conclusion, may make one question the possible motives of President Clinton.

Can this international incident alter the outcome of the hearings?

Monday, October 5th, 1998
Here is an online version of Ken Starr's report.

As was predicted [see below], the Republicans are getting far more use out of Clinton dangling in the wind then they would from an actual impeachment. They will let the process continue unmercilessly. Unfortunately, all of this sexual controversy will eventually find its way down to the level of the everyday man -- background checks, drug tests, lie detector tests, credit history checks, ... It may cause an unhealthy fad allowing big businesses the opportunity to dictate what we do out of the work place. And exactly what possible gain would come from this probable trend?

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