The Liberator
Updated February 26th, 2005
The peculiar history that led to
the development of The Liberator.
The Liberator is a free electronic magazine designed for freethinkers. The Liberator showcases sometimes timely but always thought-provoking works, which include but are not limited to articles, news briefs, stories and spiritual services. These works are designed to inform and challenge existing principles in order to instill the necessary insights to foster personal growth.

The Staff
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Brief History
Like every massive undertaking, The Liberator started as a simple idea. Why not publish people's opinions? There had to be value to creating a forum for this purpose, since we are entering into the information age.

Before The Liberator came to the Internet, it existed as a very small newsletter with a circulation of about twenty or so. Most of these readers were surprised to find a two page, Macintosh produced newsletter in their mailboxes. The Liberator originally covered various political issues like the debut of Ross Perot during and after the Bush, Clinton, Perot presidential election. Hot-button topics such as abortion were approached. Of course there was no fee for this service, just as there is no fee for The Liberator today.

Losing money from the postage, a move to the Internet was the next logical move. A local ISP out of Chicago soon became the home for The Liberator. It existed in a primordial stage for about a year, with the help of Dave Fornalsky of Cygnus Productions. The Liberator slowly evolved into the online magazine it is today.

Even though The Liberator is in continual need of receiving an asthetic facelift, the sometimes intellectual sometimes humorous articles is the facet that is of greatest need. The media provides us with all too common violent events, coverage of elections with record low turn outs, and crumbling educational systems. It is evident that these events are connected. There is a need for us to discuss the issues we face. Unfortunately, it appears that the Internet has become the only safe, open ground for debate, possibly due to the anonymity of this medium.

It is disappointing that controversial topics are shunned whether it be in the classroom, at family gatherings, or at public events in general. People have not been taught how to argue peacefully, to debate without taking conversations too personally. Maybe philosophers are correct when they hypothesize: "Our desire and ability to advance technologically has surpassed our ability to cope with it."

The Liberator must be made available to those freethinkers who value a fresh new angle on events and issues. What particular value does The Liberator promote? The only reasonable value that can be injected into the minds of others in order to have a global society that is able to cope with its current and future problems: to continually challenge issues, practices, and thoughts on all levels at every possible moment in time and place, to promote an informed technologically capable democracy. With the help of other writers, thinkers, philosophers, and spiritualists, this and The Liberator can become a successful reality.