Calling The Question
by The Liberator (Ordained Minister of the ULC)

In late fall of 1996, I was stopped by two Jehovah Witnesses as I was mowing my lawn. I recognized their faith and determination immediately. By the way, I enjoy their efforts even though most people certainly do not.

We had a long discussion that eventually addressed the question: Is God pleased with man and his actions? Let's face it, the question really would cause many people to 1) end the conversation abruptly or 2) have a long, possibly heated, soul-searching conversation.

If I had ended the conversation, It would not have made much of a service. Allow me to continue and keep that in mind, as well as the fact that I am not a religious person but am definitely a spiritual person.

The first thought that entered my mind after hearing the question was, What is God? So I proceeded to ask them that very question. Of course, we all arrived at the conclusion that God is many different things to many different people. I do not think that these Jehovah Witnesses appreciated that almost inevitable conclusion.

If we were to examine religions of past, present and future, we would find a many representations of God. We would find love, warrior skill, tranquillity, thought, and obedience-centered faiths. At a glance these systems of faith could appear to be contradictory and even adversarial. But upon closer examination we would find that they are just facets of the same gem.

Often times the goal of surrendering to the complete gem of religion gets lost into the details of religions which include performing rituals. Even though the rituals may have deep meaning and even reward to their practitioners, they are used as tools of separation. The bottom line tends to point to religious-ism, if I can coin a new word. Like racism, ignorant people use these different rituals and religious axioms as a means for division.

We are the chosen ones; they are the infidels, gentiles, heathens ... There are many words used to describe and differentiate between us and them. The terms exist due to the years spent in ceremony throughout a lifetime. They all serve one purpose; they keep our faith alive.

Maybe by calling the question--Is God pleased with man and his actions?--it may force some people to think about their own faith and how it relates to a deeper worldview. Maybe the question isn't so ridiculous after all. Even though the question assumes that God can be pleased, it's still a pretty good question.

Maybe, just maybe, those that are religious may even accept the fact that asking and searching for the answers to questions is a not so bad venture. It may even be healthy and necessary. Why else do we have brains?

You will probably never find me going door-to-door peddling God and my rendition if it; however, I still respect those that do it. I hope that you too may also show a little tolerance towards others that take on the job of supplying questions. Who knows? Maybe the key to a more fulfilling religious lifestyle may rest within the cherished faiths of all religious domains.

I certainly hope that all of us can share in the beauty that all religions and philosophies do offer, even if it means delaying you from some mindless chore by two Jehovah Witnesses. You might be surprised where and when hidden truths pop up when you allow yourself to be open to them!

How else might we catch a sight of the biggest, most important, picture?

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