A Sacred Organ
by The Liberator (Ordained Minister of the ULC)

Spiritual siblings, we must use what The Great One has given us. It is the most important organ we own. Yet, it is the most underused. Consequently, most never learn how to use it properly. From that, frustration and sadness are as sure to follow as the sun rises each day.

To avoid such a disheartening cyclical pattern, learn how to use it. Practice makes perfect, a man wiser than myself once admitted.

Just go through the motions in the beginning because it may not respond immediately. After a few weeks of intense usage, the organ will become delightfully filled and become workable. Once this happens, unwittingly an uphill spiral of incomparable spirituality will be experienced.

Previous to its development, the organ requires a considerable amount of energy to perfect its pleasure. Upon mastery, the organ will have a life of its own. It will work even when not called upon in an active sense. Like the lungs, heart and other involuntary systems, it will operate on its own.

The beauty of having this organ operate on its own is that it will be your little guardian angel. It will remind you from time to time that it is assisting you, in a pleasurable way.

After some time, the organ requires little energy to sustain its benefits. That is when the organ master must teach others how to use their organs. The master however, does realize that the organ will never be completely mastered. That is why they need the help of the less experienced to maintain the insight necessary to answer the basic questions which ultimately point towards the more grand questions surrounding the organ.

Some amount of skill can be acquired through individual exercise but a much higher plateau of success can be found by practicing and interacting with others. In fact, there are ancient and modern books that can be of great assistance. If one looks carefully, there are rewarding courses--at the college level!--that can help one learn the mysteries of this perplexing organ. Also, it is never ever too late to learn how to use this organ!

If you haven't guessed already, the organ that is most important to our survival can be mastered equally well regardless of one's gender, race, nationality, and socio-economics. We all have one even though they come in different sizes and shapes. Can you guess which organ I am referring to? Yes, it is ...

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The Brain
  1. Frontal pole
  2. Superior frontal sulcus
  3. Middle frontal gyrus
  4. Superior frontal gyrus
  5. Precentral sulcus
  6. Longitudinal cerebral fissure
  7. Precentral gyrus
  8. Postcentral gyrus
  9. Central sulcus
  10. Postcentral sulcus
  11. Occipital pole
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These pictures were acquired from The Virtual Hospital.

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