Religious Website Reviews
by Mark Liberator (Ordained Minister of the ULC)


     Welcome. Behold as we look at religious websites. On this page, look for the objective, rating system, websites and submissions sections.


     The Internet has an overwhelming number of websites and this number is growing every day at a remarkable rate. Most of what the web has to offer is substandard. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to list meaningful religious sites that get my attention and maybe even earn my highest holy thumbs-up rating. I plan on reviewing sites often, as the spirit moves me, so check back soon.

Rating System 

Holy Thumbs-UpThe site is a miracle! It will have a substantial effect on many lives! It's a must see. This one's a killer! Whooieeee Baby! One glimpse and all your ailments will disappear.
Thumbs-UpThe site is exceptional and moving. It has the potential to make a hardcore motorcycle gang member become a Hare Krishna.
Thumbs-LimpThis site is mediocre at best. It has a strong likelihood of putting someone to sleep or making them forget to do something uninteresting.
The BirdThis site is totally uninspirational! It will make long-time, devout religious people crumble into social degenerates. Yucky! Keep away at all costs! I warned 'ya.


  • January 15th, 2005
         Time is of the essence. This was true even 2,000 years ago. Yet, in our fast-paced world, there is a need to mark time and remind us of our religion. View Reverend Jeremiah and a number of his precious time-keepsakes. Rolex, look out!
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  • December 3rd, 2003
         Have you ever thought about what you're going to do for spending money once you go toes up and are worm-food? Think about the AfterlifeBank for the Afterlife. They'll hang on to it until you need it when you croak, at no charge to you! Now you can't beat that deal -- a free deal. They even have conveniently located ATM machines in Heaven, Hell and Pergatory. That's just swell and it beats giving away your money to a hypocritical scumbag like Jimmy Swaggart or any other Elmer Gantry, televangelist.
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  • February 17th, 2003
         Christians throughout the world are inspired by the story of Jesus. His life brings meaning to those who strive for a better world. His death allows many the ability to live while enduring great pain. Yet the Jesus of old does little for those of us who struggle through the day-to-day toll of our modern lives.

    The Jesus of today is in need of a more excrutiatingly painful, twisted demise to better compare to our modern era. Viewers will find this site extremely helpful as Christian leaders of today invent a new ending to Jesus' life.
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  • March 22nd, 2002
         View the site of Michael Pain. It is pleasing to the eye, navigable and extremely informative. It's not intended for those who are sensitively religious, because the site is antagonistic to mainstream Christianity. Viewers will find historical information, songs, quotes, definitions, humor and more.
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  • October 28th, 2000
         Have you ever imagined Christians could think for themselves? Well if you answered 'no' like I did, you will be pleasantly surprised by this site. Here's a site that openly questions Christian beliefs and it is done by Christians! Holy Christmas this is incredible! Take a peek for yourself.
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  • October 13th, 2000
         Days like Friday the 13th spook people. Why? Because some knotheads still cling to numerical superstition, called numerology. Here's a site that asked me to compute a number based on my birthdate, which assigned me a 3. The description of a 3 did not come close to my characteristics. I wasn't surprised. While I was viewing the site, I was hoping Jason from the film Friday the 13th would pay me a visit and put me out of my misery.
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  • July 31st, 2000
         I can't understand why idiots like Benny Hinn do so well. I guess some people like to think that a devine creator will arbitrarily heal random people through a charlatan, namely Benny Hinn. Once again the statement "A fool and his money are soon parted" is verified.
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  • May 29th, 2000
         Hey there... If you can't laugh at your own religion, then you may dislike the content of the religious site I just found. If you don't like it, the Hell with you. [grin] Find plenty of humor at the manmade creator's expense.
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  • May 7th, 2000
         I finally found a minister who is following in Jesus' footsteps. You may know his name, as he is the leader of an organization that has received a lot of attention for his holy deeds a few years ago. His name is Jimmy Swaggart. Like Jesus, Jimmy likes prostitutes too. Check out his site and you'll find the million and one ways he tries to scam a buck. Do you think that he gives his earnings to those who are less fortunate?
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  • April 29th, 2000
         If you ever find yourself contemplating the big questions life seems to throw at you, this site is for you. Does God exist? This site doesn't answer that towering question but it does compare God to a magical plastic bag. I won't spoil the surprise for you and tell you which entity/object comes out the winner. I will tell you that the comparison was fair and insightful.
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     If you would like our minister to review a website that you think deserves special recognition, send e-mail to The Cerebral Cathedral. Provide the URL (web address) and a reason why you covet/despise the site.

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