The Real 'Buzz' on Prostitution
by Buzz Talbot (e-mail:

I enjoyed your article, Legalized Prostitution, which advocates making prostitution legal.

You said the bunny ranch can serve as a pilot for the model of legalizing prostitution. If that is true, then you must agree many of the problems with prostitution will not be removed with legalization.

Having been a regular visitor to the Reno area, not only is the Moonlight Bunny Ranch legal, but there are 33 legal houses of prostitution.

However, if you check the police blotter section of the newspaper, you will see many women are still be arrested for street prositution. Government research shows 90% of street prostitutes are drug addicts with a high rate of HIV infection.

With legal prostitution, why do the women still "walk the street" with all the anti-social problems of on-street car sex, condoms littering the street, and passing on HIV? With legal prostitution, why do the male customers pay for street sex exposing themselves to HIV and other STD's, ripoffs, and the anti-social behavior of car sex?

Money. LEGAL prostitutes must test each week for STD's and drug use to keep the client safe. Drug addacted and infected women can not legally work as a prostitute. The men use street sex in Reno because the average price of oral sex in a legal house is $200, but on the street it is $20. The lower class client will go to the street walker because he doesn't have the $200 for a clean and legal woman.

The question is not "Will legal prostitution work?" Nevada proves it will work. As an example, there has never been a single case of HIV from a legal house of prostitution.

The question is "How do you get prostitutes off the streets?"

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