How do you get Prostitutes off the Streets?
by HarryUSA (e-mail:

That was the question that Buzz posed at the end of his response in The Real Buzz on Prostitution.

There are several ways street prostitutes can be taken off the streets in a manner which might work for the long term. The REAL problem is finding governments and communities that will care enough to start these programs.

Here is the basic procedure:

  1. Laws would have to be passed empowering local governments to take the following actions. Also videotape evidence would have to be presented as evidence to prevent a misuse of the following power given to government.

  2. Police or the citizens of a community would need to videotape a person or persons engaging in street prostitution. The images would have to be clear. A camera placed within an undercover vehicle should take the video images. The videotapes' sound should be clear.

  3. The video would have to show the person walking the streets, offering sex in exchange for money, and/or flashing. In other words, the evidence should be irrefutable before the tape can be considered credible.

  4. After a person has been arrested for street prostitution, and the appropriate evidence has been presented to a judge, the judge can send that person to a boot camp rehab center where that individual can learn discipline, and to abstain from drug usage.

  5. After completing the boot camp program the individual would be required to participate in a drug testing and counseling program which would serve to monitor the citizens progress. Job counseling can be offered in this training as well.

This is just a general outline, but the idea is simple: Catch the person in the act with solid video evidence, then place the person into a drug rehab center to eliminate the reason why the person in question is walking the streets for money.

Currently, hookers are fined and soon, they are back on the streets. In essence, government has figured a way to tax the process, not solve the problem.

Local governments can even enlist the help of volunteers from the community to help with the problem of prostitution. Citizens can help police by gathering video evidence and acting like an extra set of eyes and ears in reporting these activities.

What are your thoughts regarding this procedure?

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